Disclaimer and Notices

Hello! This is my formal notification that my fanfiction is presented here under the Fair Use policies of the United States of America.

I do not actually believe not-for-profit fanfiction (which is what my works are) is actually illegal, but Neocities is not AO3 and they do not have a team of pro-bono lawyers on hand ready to argue my case in court if necessary, so I am instituting a minor disclaimer in the hopes that it will make my website's home a little more welcoming, as it were.

But just to make sure it's obvious: I do not own the identifiable characters featured in my fic, as they belong to Alliance, or to CLAMP, depending on the fic and the fandom. I occasionally make original characters if need be but they're not the focus of the fics in question. I make no money off of these transformative works and I don't plan on making money off of them, and I'm opposed to feeding them to AI machines so that, in an oblique way, someone else can make money off of them. These works are and should be strictly non-profit.

Other Uses

My stories are transformative works, and thus I don't mind if other fans (emphasis here on fans!) decide to take an idea and run with it in their own way. You may translate my fic or record it as a podfic or remix it or take the basic premise (ideas are free) and run wild with it. If it's a direct sort of thing (podfic, translation, remix) then I want my fic properly credited; inspiration and premises are free, and you only need to credit me if you want to.

The only things I do not allow are plagiarism--wherein you take the words I wrote, post them somewhere without credit, and pass them off as your own--and AI scraping.

AI scrapers and chatbots can leave me alone, please. I do not consent to you scraping my works, however silly that may seem, and I do not consent to you using my works for your machine learning programs and language learning models. There is such a thing as asking; please look it up.

Scraper bots for organizations such as the Internet Archive, however, are very welcome.

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