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Once I get better at coding/once I get a bit more time, I want to back up the ds_ficfinders archive that I have set up on AO3. The incident with the DDOS attack last month has reminded me that online homes are often ephemeral without backups and a lot of work, so this page will be a backup to the AO3 bookmark list.

You'll need an AO3 account to view all the fics on that list, as many of them are archive-locked. I hope to provide links here to any Wayback versions as well as any existing websites or LJ posts (public only), as well as AO3 links wherever possible. In time I would like to provide pairings, ratings, and perhaps even the requests that led to these fics being found, but right now I'm going to settle for a link list.

In other words: Under Construction.


A Strange But True Story, by pearl_o. F/K.

Busted by JiM/anonymous co.

Bounty by Bone.

Sweet Confessions Underneath His Tongue by thehoyden.

Deja Vu All Over Again by vienna_waits.

This Must Be The Place by auburn.

Ten Things To Get Used To by Speranza.

Head Trip by lamardeuse.

Indulgence by Kaneko.

Un-American by Laura JV.

The Easiest Choice by CL Finn.

The Underlying Problem by china_shop.

Recompense by sprat.

Unplanned by Beth H.

Surviving by lalejandra.

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