Juniperberry's Fics

This is a work in progress.

Due South Fics

No Good Deed 941 words. G-rated, originally written for the DS Flashfiction community, for the Chicago Lore challenge. Fraser meets a famous ghost while out on an errand.

rum swizzle M-rated, F/K, 460 words. Fraser's sweet on the surface. He's got a pretty face and a courteous tip of the hat for everyone, big wide eyes when it comes to something he never encountered as a country bumpkin. Written for The Cocktail Hour on Dreamwidth.

The Storm And The Wake T-rated, Fraser/Kowalski, past Fraser/Victoria, 3,264 words. Fraser and Victoria have lunch, and talk.

Within Different Circumstances E-rated, Fraser/Kowalski, 4800 words. First time, canon divergence AU. Benton Fraser comes back to Chicago from his Canadian vacation and finds a new face at the 2-7. Written for dkwilliams for the 2020 due South Seekrit Santa exchange.

Will I Always Be Here E-rated, Fraser/Kowalski, 7100 words. Mild bondage perpetuated by competent newbies, established relationship. Fraser wants to experiment and Ray indulges him. Written in part for the Bring Back the Porn challenge on Dreamwidth.



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